Symbols and meanings in a suburban's local culture: A case study

Viviana Langher, Andrea Caputo, Daniele Brandimarte, Agnese Giacchetta, Anna Maria Grippo, Valentina Nannini


This clinical-psychological research explores the Local Culture (emotional
meanings shared by people in a given context aimed at maintaining stability and
unity as well as regulating emotions affecting cohabitation) of a suburban
neighborhood in Rome in the phase of community service planning. The inquiry is
based on a computer-assisted text analysis (Emotional Text Analysis) of interviews
of 8 key figures, and on the multiple correspondence analysis of questionnaires on
the subjective perception of the quality of life and on the expectation of social
relationships. The questionnaires have been administered to 314 inhabitants. The
results of the analysis of interviews and questionnaires highlighted the quality of
life in terms of subjective perception and the specific features of the local culture
of the territory considered for this study. Practical solutions are indicated based on
the Local Culture of the neighborhood in question. The possible contribution of
clinical psychology to geographic, urban, and environmental disciplines is also


Local Culture; Emotional Text Analysis; Rome Suburban neighborhood.

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