The protection of “abnormal childhood”: The Italian debate in the journal Infanzia Anormale [Abnormal Childhood] in the 1920s

Giorgia Morgese, Ester Acito, Giovanni Pietro Lombardo


The goal of this work is to bring out the Italian debate developed in the 1920s that led
to the recognition of psychopathology in the age of development, ensuring the right
to the protection whose in past were called abnormal children.
This research aims to fill the gap that is found in secondary literature on the topic.
The article analyzes one of the most important journals “Infanzia Anormale”
[Abnormal Childhood] of the early 20th century in Italy dedicated to the study of
psychopathology in childhood highlighting the debate of psychiatrists and
psychologists of the time that contributed to the development of scientific approach
that has promoted the taking in charge of children with mental disorders.
The approach emerged is the medical-psycho-pedagogical one, with a integrate
perspective, outlining the development of what is today called a bio-psycho-social
approach for the construction of child care in a multidisciplinary framework.


medical-psycho-pedagogical approach; childhood; mental disorders; Italy.

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